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  • Environmental pollution control
    integrated service provider



    Provide complete environmental protection industry services

    Environmental pollution control integrated service provider

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      Suzhou Shijing Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd

      Main business

      Waste gas treatment

      VOCs organic waste gas treatment technology

      Desulfurization and denitration technology

      Acid and alkali waste gas treatment technology

      Dust collection technology

      Wastewater treatment

      Ultrapure water treatment technology (RO membrane, EDI membrane reactor, ultrafiltration unit, disk rate, etc.)

      Sewage treatment technology (organic sewage, difficult biochemical sewage, oil field sewage, industrial wetland sewage, etc.)

      Industrial circulating water quality stabilization technology

      Other pollution control

      Soil remediation and resource utilization technology

      Domestic waste recycling and green energy technology

      Biogas project and power generation project

      Development of pollutant recycling technology in special fields

      Sludge decontamination and recycling

      Business Contact

      Company Address: 14th Floor, Phase 3, Yangcheng Lake Digital Industrial Park, No. 98, Jujin Road, Taiping Street, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou

      Contact number: 0512-65996560

      Main technology and products

      Desulfurization and denitrification

      Desulfurization equipment
      Desulfurization and denitrification integrated equipment

      Denitration equipment
      Liquid catalytic denitration equipment

      Industrial waste gas treatment

      Acid and alkali, VOC purification equipment
      Acid-base process exhaust gas purification system
      VOC purification equipment

      NOx purification equipment
      High concentration NOx purification equipment
      NOx centralized control system

      Special and exhaust gas purification equipment
      Silane burning tower
      Special exhaust gas purification equipment

      Industrial dust treatment

      Dust collector
      High pressure vacuum dust collection system
      Heavy metal explosion-proof dust collection system
      Electric bag composite system


      Liquid catalytic denitration

      Beijing China Resources Association Xiexin Thermal Power Plant
      Denitrification ultra low emission project

      RTO purification equipment technology

      Nanchang Oufei Optical Electronics
      VOC gas ultra low emission project

      Process NOX Governance Technology

      Changzhou Trina Solar Group
      Solar battery NOX exhaust gas treatment project

      Heavy metal explosion-proof dust collection system

      Suzhou NGK Electric Porcelain Company [ Japan ]
      Heavy metal explosion-proof dust treatment project

      Desulfurization and denitrification integration technology

      Suzhou Jiangnan High Fiber Group
      Desulfurization and denitrification ultra low emission project

      VOC / Exhaust Gas Treatment Technology

      Gaode Electronics PCB
      Production line VOC exhaust gas treatment project